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Paragliding is a competitive and recreational adventure sport, in which the participant sits in a harness, suspended from a fabricated wing. The wing comprises interconnected and naturally inflated cells that allow the paraglider to float in the sky while descending from a considerable height. Despite the absence of any kind of motor, a flight can last for hours and cover exceptionally long distances.

However, most of the flights are operated for one or two hours, covering some scores of kilometres. Experienced and skilled participants can even gain height during the activity. Like any other extreme sport, it involves an element of risk, and there are a few precautions that can prevent accidents or injuries.

The chances of accidents greatly depend on the weather conditions of the flight area and the skill level of pilots. In most of the places suitable where the sport is hosted, there are flying schools that offer training programmes for beginners.

Basic techniques like launching, handling and turning are taught by expert instructors at such places. When going for paragliding in Himachal, you should take-off only when the weather is favourable because it can change quickly in the mountains.